In 1930 the Boston & Albany received its third, and final, order of Berkshires. Because of the simplified lines of the A-1c class, in part due to their Coffin feedwater heaters contained within the smokebox, enginemen referred to them as the "sport models." Although lacking the heavy-browed "brute force" appearance of the earlier A-1 groups, the A-1c class had specifications similar to their predecessors. With a 100-square-foot grate area, they had 5065 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 2110 square feet of superheating surface, plus 149 square feet of thermic siphons. They were delivered with twelve-wheel tenders, later applied to the earlier Berkshire classes when they became available upon retirement of Mikados, Mohawks or Hudsons. This view of No. 1452, which an unknown cameraman captured at Springfield, Massachusetts in 1940, came to our NYC Collection via John Sita. No. 1452 was transferred to other eastern NYC lines in 1949, but was scrapped by the end of the year.