The American Locomotive Company's Schenectady plant erected the vast majority of the system's fleet of 4-6-4 or Hudson type locomotives. However, in 1931 the Boston & Albany took delivery of ten class J-2c Hudsons from Lima Locomotive Works, completing its small fleet of 4-6-4s. (Note the diamond-shaped Lima builder's plate above the cylinder on No. 616.) The J-2s resembled the New York Central's J-1 class, with the same 25x28-inch cylinder dimensions, but had smaller 76-inch drivers and carried a higher 240-pound boiler pressure. For other dimensions consult the commentary for No. 617 following. With dieselization of the B&A the J-2 Hudsons were transferred to suburban service in the New York City area and renumbered in sequence after the system's J-3 class (see the photos of Nos. 5469 and 5474, above); No. 616, appearing here at Springfield, Massachusetts in 1946, became NYC 5471 in 1951 but was dropped from the roster in 1952. Carl Weber contributed the photo.