Mohawk No. 2560, shown here at an unknown location, was a member of class L-1b which the American Locomotive Company delivered to the New York Central in 1917-18. These engines had 69-inch drivers, a boiler pressure of 200 p.s.i., and 28x28-inch cylinders. No. 2560 weighed 343,000 pounds and developed a tractive force of 54,080 pounds; a booster added 11,000 pounds. Like many steam locomotives, No. 2560 and her sisters went through extensive rebuilding and fitting with new appliances; the Elesco bundle-type feedwater heater and the one-piece cast trailing truck, with booster, were not original equipment. The L-1 class was used almost exclusively in freight service, as the footboard pilot of No. 2560 reveals. Although most L-1 Mohawks were among the relatively few NYC System locomotives not affected by the 1936 renumbering, in 1937 this locomotive was transferred to the Peoria & Eastern and renumbered to 39; she was taken out of service in 1951.