Main line freight workhorse of the New York Central System was the L-2 class of Mohawks, numbering 300 locomotives delivered by American Locomotive Company between 1925 and 1930. The L-2a class of 100 members was unusual among NYC locomotives in being one of the few groups that kept its original numbers from delivery until retirement. No. 2728, appearing here at Selkirk, New York in 1940, displays the prominent Elesco feedwater heater that distinguished the L-2a class, plus the footboard pilot that restricted almost all L-2s to freight service. This locomotive came from the builder early in 1926, and was retired and sold for scrap in 1952. Specifications of the L-2a subclass were similar to those of the L-2c group, as shown for Nos. 2811 and 2886 following, but the L-2a group weighed 363,400 pounds. Wayne Koch supplied this image.