New York Central System

New York Central System
Steam Roster, 1944

This New York Central System steam locomotive roster appeared in Alvin F. Staufer, Steam Power of the New York Central System, Volume 1 (1961), pages 214-221. It was prepared by Bill Jernstrom of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and originally appeared in Railroad Magazine in 1944. The roster is reproduced with the permission of Carstens Publications, Inc., by request of the New York Central System Historical Society.

As printed in the late Mr. Staufer’s book, the roster includes locomotives delivered after it was first published. The roster contains a number of errors; known errors have been corrected in this online version. (Any further corrections will be appreciated.) Additionally, Staufer’s roster does not include data on locomotive boiler pressure or tractive effort. This information for the various classes of New York Central steam locomotives, and additional data such as heating surface, grate area and retirement date, is available from other sources including the following:

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