The Denver, South Park, & Pacific was a 3-foot gauge line built in the late 1800s to serve the Colorado mining boom. Absorbed into the Union Pacific, it later regained independence and was a component of what became the Colorado & Southern. A portion of the DSP&P between Leadville and Climax, Colorado, was later standard-gauged and is in use today by the tourist line Leadville, Colorado and Southern Railroad. Consolidation No. 191 (originally No. 51) was built in 1880 by Baldwin Locomotive Works (under the name of Burnham, Parry, Williams & Company); she assumed classification B-4A as a C&S locomotive. No further details were available about the engine's specifications. No. 191 is preserved at the Colorado Railroad Museum, where I captured this image in November 1983. Accucraft has created a 1:20:3-scale model of this engine in both electric and live steam versions.