This 2-4-4T locomotive is believed to be the last two-foot gauge steam engine built for service in the United States. Baldwin Locomotive Works constructed it in 1924 for the Bridgton & Saco River (later Bridgton & Harrison) two-foot gauge railroad in Maine. By World War II the Maine two-footers were out of business, and in 1946 and 1947 Ellis D. Atwood bought most of the remaining equipment. He had it moved to South Carver, Massachusetts, where the 38-ton No. 8 and other locomotives did double duty hauling passengers for Atwood's Edaville Railroad family theme park and providing transportation for his cranberry bogs over the Edaville's five-and-one-half mile loop. I photographed No. 8 — complete with fake antique headlight and balloon stack — in service at Edaville in September 1960. With the demise of Atwood's operation much of the narrow gauge equipment was returned to Maine in 1993. Today No. 8, restored to her original appearance and relettered for her first owner, is in service at The Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Company & Museum in Portland.