The ten locomotives of the the K-5-A class were the "top of the line" in the Erie's passenger fleet, as shown in this photo of No. 2941 at Buffalo on August 7, 1943. Regarding their steam-producing capacity, they boasted 3727 square feet of direct evaporative heating surface, of which 151 square feet was provided by thermic siphons, arch tubes, and a combustion chamber. Their superheating surface is reported as 1070 square feet; for other specifications see the previous commentary for No. 2939. The image, photographer not specified, comes from a discontinued Flickr site and also appears in the ABPR Archive, its presence there attributed to Bud Laws. Other images on the Internet reveal that No. 2941 eventually received a full set of disc drivers, but all locomotives in the K-5-A class were stricken from the Erie roster by the end of 1952.