The first 2-8-4 type locomotive was created by the Lima Locomotive Works in 1925, in a design that was essentially repeated for the Boston & Albany, the Illinois Central, and a few years later the Boston & Maine. These first Berkshires had 63-inch drivers and were ill-suited for high-speed freight service. In 1927, however, the American Locomotive Company delivered to the Erie Railroad 25 Berkshires equipped with 70-inch drivers, the highest ever applied to this type. No. 3301, appearing here in a photo from the collection of Wayne Koch, was the second engine in the Erie's first group, the S-1 class. This photo closely resembles one of No. 3301 taken at Meadville, Pennsylvania on July 18, 1933, found on George Elwood's Fallen Flags site (only the escaping steam differs), so Jay Williams was likely the photographer. For dimensions of the Erie Berkshires, see the commentaries for Nos. 3329 and 3384.