Though not a GM&O scene, this view of the New York Central's Peoria & Eastern passenger train at the Bloomington depot may be of interest, as it shows the west side of the building. The Central operated the P&E as a separate entity which even had its own locomotive and equipment rosters, though regular NYC engines also ran the Indianapolis-to-Peoria route. The photo shows the last run (or close to it) of the westbound train, No. 11, on October 14, 1957. Reduced to one baggage car and one coach, it is headed by EMD GP7 No. 5625 bearing the Peoria & Eastern herald and lettered "New York Central System." (Standard New York Central lettering omitted the word "System.") Though in a sorry state in its swan-song days, this was a "name train" — a 1950 New York Central timetable lists it as The Peorian, and a 1956 timetable calls it the Corn Belt Special after the run had been cut back to Pekin, Illinois with the closing of the Peoria Union Depot.