This view looks northward from the Pulaski Street crossing, a block south of the depot in Lincoln, Illinois. During my junior year of college I had a church assignment here and would often take the train from Bloomington, so this photo was probably taken in the spring of 1959. Notice what appears to be a street crossing guard tower on the left, from which the downtown crossing gates may have been operated. The Illinois Terminal (by then diesel-powered) still did street running through Lincoln, and the IT, GM&O and Illinois Central crossed at an interlocking about a mile north of this location. You can see an aerial view of the crossing, and other railroad scenes from Lincoln, on the Railroad Page of Leigh Henson's "Highlights of Lincoln, Illinois" web site. In addition, the IC's Havana line crossed the GM&O about five city blocks south of this location, and interchange occurred there between GM&O, and IC, IT and Lincoln Sand & Gravel.