Here are four images from the GM&O's 1957 Annual Report, scanned by the late Jim Canon of Keokuk, Iowa. Because of the resolution of the images I am featuring them in this montage instead of individually. At upper left, a crewman appears to be directing the coupling of some new boxcars while hanging from a ladder — probably a posed publicity shot, for if done in actual practice it must have been a jarring experience and perhaps against safety regulations! At lower left, the northbound Abraham Lincoln makes a mid-morning stop at the Springfield depot. Again, this shot must have been posed with the train having pulled almost past the depot in order to feature the observation car. Those waiting passengers would have had quite a walk to board the train, unless they were all going first class. At upper right, a freight pulls past a color position light signal on the double-tracked main line, near a passing siding on the opposite track. The location is south of Carlinville, Illinois, looking northward; note the Macoupin County Court House spire on the right horizon. For two views by Jim Duncan of the same location in May 2010, shot from off the right-of-way by digital zoom, click here. At lower right, several F units pose at an unidentified engine terminal.