Links to Other Steam Sites
Links to Other Steam-Related Sites

Atlantic (and 4-4-4) Type Steam Locomotives
A collection of images by Edward J. Ozog featuring examples of 4-4-2 locomotives, plus the CPR "Jubilee" and B&O 4-4-4 types. To view his complete listing, click here.
B&O Railroad Museum
Not the official site of the Museum, but Wes Barris' version which has images of the modern steam power displayed there.
Bangor & Aroostook Steam Locomotives
Steam locomotives of the Maine railroad, collected by Edward J. Ozog, including views of the ex-NYO&W 4-8-2s. To view his complete listing, click here.
Boston & Albany Steam Locomotives
Edward J. Ozog's collection of B&A steam images. For his complete listing, click here.
Boston & Maine Steam Locomotives
B&M steam images collected by Edward J. Ozog, with representative examples of all modern classes. To view the complete listing, click here.
Camelback Steam Locomotives
Edward J. Ozog's collection of around 350 images of the distinctive "camelback" type of locomotive in 12 wheel arrangements, operated by 23 railroads. To view the complete listing, click here.
Castle Graphics Railroad Images
Burlington Route, Great Northern, Northern Pacific and other steam engine images.
Central Vermont Railway Locomotives
Edward J. Ozog's comprehensive review of Central Vermont Railway steam power. To view the complete listing, click here.
Don's Depot (Don's Rail Photos)
Photos and information about steam locomotives and other motive power from a wide selection of railroads, collected and edited by Don Ross.
Edsen Breyer's Postcard Museum Gallery of Steam Engines
An interesting collection of steam locomotive images from various railroads, printed on postcards.
Fallen Flags and Other Railroad Photos
George Elwood's massive collection of images of locomotives, rolling stock and other items from long-gone railroads. Steam photos are included for many lines.
Fotosearch Stock Steam Locomotive Images
A large collection of steam locomotive images for sale, many of them historic or foreign..
Frisco Steam Locomotives
More than 300 steam locomotive images of the Saint Louis-San Francisco Railway (Frisco), from the collection in the Springfield, Missouri public library.
Frisco Streamlined Steam Locomotives
Images of the Frisco's streamlined and semi-streamlined steam engines, from the collection in the Springfield, Missouri public library.
John Dziobko's railroad images going back as far as 1948, mostly in color, with many steam subects The collection is continually being augmented.
Great Northern Steam
Black-and-white photos collected by Larry Bohn from various sources. Part of Lindsay Korst's Great Northern Railway Page .
Harold K. Vollrath's Photo Collection
A small portion of the late Mr. Vollrath's collection of 40,000 images, assembled by Jim Fitzgerald. Most photos are of New York Central steam, but the site also includes some from AT&SF, C&O and UP.
The Illinois Railway Museum
Includes specifications of locomotives owned by the Museum — steam, diesel and electric — and a few images.
Lima Locomotive Works
"3rail Wiki" article in Dutch by F. P. Vonk on the history of Lima Locomotive Works, especially its development of the "Super Power" concept in steam locomotive design.
Maine Central Steam Locomotives
Extensive collection of Maine Central steam, including older types, by Edward J. Ozog. To view his complete listing, click here.
Mikado Type Steam Locomotives
Edward J. Ozog's collection of around 600 images of North American 2-8-2 type locomotives, organized by year of construction or rebuilding.
New Haven Steam Locomotives
Edward J. Ozog's extensive collection of New Haven steam, including older types. To view his complete listing, click here.
New York Central Steam Photos
A large collection of NYC steam images assembled by George Elwood, but taken by various photographers. Most are credited to the Gary Steubben and Gary Overfield collections.
Norfolk & Western No. 611 and No. 1218
Color images of both of these locomotives, including coverage of their final runs a few years ago. By Kipp Teague.
Old Time Trains
A site devoted to Canadian rail history including many images of CNR, CPR and other steam power.
"Omaha Road" and Iron Range Steam in the 1950s
A wide selection of black-and-white images of CStPM&O and DM&IR steam in the 1950s, with specifications and commentary. By Larry Bohn.
Otto Perry Railroad Images
A vast, searchable collection of black-and-white photos taken in the 1920s through 1950s by Otto Perry, in the Denver Public Library Western Digital Collection. There is a concentration on Colorado, but railroads in other areas are represented.
On Duty at the Railroad
Railroad reminiscences by L. E. Crowner, with images of steam from Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Grand Trunk Western and other lines, mostly in color.
Pacific Type Steam Locomotives
Images of North American 4-6-2 type locomotives, including artwork, assembled by Edward J. Ozog. To go to the alphabetical listing by railroad, click here.
Pennsylvania Railroad Locomotive Photos
A large collection of steam locomotive photos from "The Standard Railroad of the World," published by Gary Mittner. Types include G5, T1, J1, M1, C1, E, N1 and H.
Pennsylvania Railroad K4s Locomotives
Gary Mittner's collection of photographs of all 425 of the PRR's famous class K4s 4-6-2s.
Portraits of North American Steam Locomotives
More that 1,000 photographs of steam power from an assortment of railroads, assembled by Edward J. Ozog. ABPR Rail Pictures Archive's massive and constantly growing international collection of rail images, including many steam locomotives of all eras. Regrettably, there is no way to search this vast archive by railroad, locomotive type, etc. Photos can only be accessed by date of posting (but see below). ABPR Collections
Index to thumbnails of photos for a selection of railroads in the ABPR Rail Pictures Archive, including images of steam.
RailroadData.Com Photo Gallery Steam Locomotives
Links to many sites featuring steam locomotives, including this one.
Robert Schenzinger Steam Locomotive Images
This site features high-quality photos of examples of various steam locomotive types, taken by Mr. Schenzinger in the 1930s. Assembled by Darryl Van Nort and hosted by Larry Larson.
Rutland Steam Locomotives
Edward J. Ozog's online collection of steam locomotives of the New England road. To view his complete listing, click here.
Southern Pacific Steam
Richard A. Percy's "Espee Modeler's Archive" contains good information about the various classes of steam power on the Southern Pacific and its subsidiaries.
Southern Railway Steam Locomotives
More than 800 images of steam on the Southern Railway System, in the photo archives of Southern Railfan.
Steam Locomotive dot Com
Wes Barris' comprehensive site on steam power, including a catalog of surviving steam locomotives in North America and links to many other steam-related sites.
Douglas C. Bailey's' collection of photos and information about nearly 20,000 existing steam locomotives across the globe, with data regarding current status, ownership, location, and more.
Surviving Steam Locomotives Photo Archive
Photos of steam locomotives that survive in parks or other static display, or are operating today. Assembled by Richard Jenkins.
Transportation History: The Steam Locomotive
An educational page about the history of the steam locomotive, with links to other relevant sites.
The Ultimate Steam Page
Source for technical information on contemporary steam locomotive design, operation and repair, by Hugh Odom. Links to related sites.
Vintage Steam Engines I
Sixty black-and-white photos of steam engines from the 1940s-1950s collected by Randy Murphy, presented as a slide show (part of his "North American Rails" site). This section includes locomotives of railroads A-L.
Vintage Steam Engines II
The second part of Randy Murphy's slide show featuring 54 views from railroads K-W. These are excellent roster shots but, unfortunately, no commentary is included.